Monday, 12 March 2018

Julianne Hough Uses This Food Seasoning to Whiten Her Teeth

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Whitening strips, laser procedures, toothpaste, mouthwash—the search for a product that will give you a brighter smile seems to be a never-ending journey.

According to Julianne Hough, the solution has most likely been in your kitchen the entire time.
"I've actually been trying turmeric," she told E! News.
The actress creates her own whitening product by using the orange-brown seasoning as the base.
"You'd think it would be the opposite and it'd stain your teeth, but it actually makes them whiter," she shared with excitement.
While the use of a spice as a whitener may surprise you, turmeric is an anti-inflammatory, skin-brightening superfood that has steadily gained a reputation for its abilities to brighten both teeth and skin.
Not convinced? Julianne finished, "Tumeric is the bomb. Y'all should try it."
In addition to adding a little spice to her beauty routine, the star admitted that she has an obsession, albeit a healthy one, with toothbrushes.
"I love clean toothbrushes. Well, I mean, I hope everybody does," she said laughing. "I have a full cupboard of just toothbrushes, so that anytime anybody comes over they have a toothbrush but I also change mine out very regularly."
It turns out, a whiter smile isn't that hard to achieve.

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