Thursday, 1 March 2018

Real Life Red Carpet Hacks From Top Hollywood Stylists
With the star-studded awards season in full swing, there’s certainly been no shortage of smokin’ hot eye candy to style stalk and gain inspiration from. 
We’ve been mystified by how these A-list actresses seem to make red carpet glam look so effortless, magically erasing unsightly panty lines despite the risqué couture that seems to be painted onto their lustrous, ultra-svelte bodies. So, it’s only natural that on the (almost) eve of the Oscars, arguably Hollywood’s most glamorous and fashionable evening, sources tapped some of the hottest celebrity stylists to reveal the nitty-gritty secrets to obtaining (and maintaining) that flawless red carpet fantasy all night long. Hint: a hot glue gun and a glam squad are highly recommended. Only (kind of) kidding!
1. What kind of bra do you wear with a backless dress?
When it comes to formal gowns with open backs and plunging necklines, picking the right bra to wear underneath it all can be tricky and more than a little stressful. While some smaller-chested women may have the privilege of going bare under a backless dress, for those with a fuller bosom, braless-ness is not always an option.
Celebrity stylist and Creative Director of Juicy Couture, Jamie Mizrahi, whose best dressed clients include Katy Perry, Eva Mendes, Abigail Breslin, and Nicole Richie, tells us: “I often have my clients’ bras sewn into the outfit if possible, otherwise I use Bare Necessities NuBra Ultralite Backless Wire-Free Plunge Bra ($38). Stylist Nola Singer, who dresses the gorgeous Sophia Bush, Naomi Harris, Katherine Heigl, and model Ireland Baldwin, also advises that in the case of a backless number, Bare Necessities’ adhesive strapless bras work wonders. With a product line ranging from wireless and relaxed-fit to maximum push-up support and cleavage-enhancing, these bras work with whatever your working with, no matter how far into the alphabet your cup size occurs. If you’re more comfortable in an actual bra, try Maidenform Sexy Convertible Plunge Bra ($32) for a seamless push-up without the seams.
2. How do you avoid panty lines?
The struggle to figure out what undies to wear underneath that silky nude slip dress or that bangin’ bodycon is very, very real. While Singer once again suggests that not wearing any panties is sometimes the ideal option, not everyone is completely comfortable going commando on a black tie kind of night. And speaking of going commando, Singer lets us in on a little secret: “I love Commando brand underwear, they are seamless. The Thong Basics ($20), C.Y.A. Panty ($26), and Cotton Boy Short ($30) styles are all great.” But, she reiterates, “You can always just not wear underwear if the dress is too tight.” All of Commando’s styles are elastic-free, seamless, and made in the USA from luxe, stretch microfiber that doesn’t dig into your skin or show panty lines. Schneider also prefers Commando brand for her clients, but admits, “With some dresses, you definitely just need to go underwear-less.”
3. What tiny items can you carry in your purse for on-the-run touchups?
Even the most rigorous of preshow beauty prep is no match for the wear and tear of the red carpet. Ever wonder how the movie stars manage to keep their elaborate updos and matte makeup in place after a marathon of shmoozing and boozing? “I see a lot of clients carrying dry shampoo [try: Bumble and Bumble Prêt-à-Powder ($22)]. I also make sure all of my clients have extra safety pins and double stick tape [try: Hollywood Fashion Tape ($9)]. You never know!” says Schnieder. Singer also makes certain her ladies are equipped for emergencies with blotting cloths, like NYX Blotting Paper ($4), and a back-up supply of bobby pins. Even though it’s always better to be safe than sorry, there are some mishaps that even the most elite glam squad can’t prevent… like sweating. “Sweat stains are hard; sometimes you just need to make sure to not wear a certain fabric or color that is prone to sweat stains. Or to take real precautions, you can wear underarm pads to absorb your sweat,” explains Singer. Whatever happens, don’t sweat it, you still look amazing.

4. Seriously, how do you walk in stilettos all night?
If the shoe fits and doesn’t make her wince in discomfort or leave her with painful blisters, it’s probably because she’s wearing a cloud-like insole. But sometimes beauty requires a little sacrifice, especially in the case of a killer pair of stilettos that make your legs appear as if they go on and on all night… maybe even all the way until next year’s Oscars. For strappy heels that look Oscar-worthy but maybe aren’t the most pragmatic (save the comfy kicks for the grocery store ladies, this is Hollywood!), Schneider offers her clients some much needed sole relief in the form of Dr. Scholl’s DreamWalk Ball Of Foot Cushions ($6), while Nola Singer swears by Foot Petals Heavenly Heelz 6-Pack ($17), even going so far as to call them “life-savers.”
5. How do you achieve that Julia Roberts million dollar smile?
Ever notice how Hollywood’s elite have impossibly perfect and pearly white teeth? Well, we’re going to let you in a little secret from the pros. Makeup artist Gloria Noto, whose clients include Divergent star Shailene Woodley and indie actress/model Ariel Beesley, says that  a 2-Minute Teeth Whitener ($13) is a quick shortcut for making that red carpet smile gleam like a diamond. The easy-apply balm rolls right onto your teeth, and gives you a whiter smile and minty-fresh breathe in mere minutes.

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