Monday, 1 May 2017

I Am Actually My Brother’s Keeper
We often measure greatness by material gains, monetary success, career achievement and an abundance of Herculean accomplishments. I’ve had the distinguished pleasure of sitting with persons who top the global list of who’s who. I’ve also known some of the most hardworking, earnest people who will probably forever remain unknown, but have the unique ability to turn nothing into something, by means of faith and their unwavering tenacity.

Interestingly enough, the most remarkable individuals I’ve ever met who undoubtedly stand out from both of these groups, are those compassionate humans who hold a unique sensitivity for others as well. They sincerely have a deep seated concern for “the least of these”. Not in a condescending way, but more in a “I am actually my brothers’ keeper” kind of way.  Somewhere between the lines of their life story, great benevolence can be seen. They are never too busy, too fabulous, too broke, or too broken to give to another in need.
One of my favorite photographs of our former President Barack Obama is him giving a White House custodian a pound. Captivating image. In a time where greed, capitalism, and even narcissism seem to be the order of the day (whether one is famous or not) I think it is so important to evaluate our relevance by how well we respect and protect our most vulnerable citizens. How would we measure up then? To whom much is given so much more is required.
No matter where life takes us, let’s remember there is always someone who can benefit from what we have to offer. Giving is the secret to truly living a rich life.  Quiet as it’s kept, sharing is what separates the truly great among us, from the mundane.

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