Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Tricks of the Trade: What We’ve Learned From Last Night’s Red Carpet

Besides being a haven for fashion inspiration, the red carpet is also a place to learn tips for creating looks that last all night long. After last night’s magical Met Gala, we searched far and wide to find the best pro tricks for keeping everything pretty and in place on the red carpet — and in real life.
We may not all have stylists and makeup artists on speed dial, but with a little studious investigating, we can certainly fake our way to celebrity-status red carpet perfection.

1. How do Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, and Lori Harvey keep their lipstick on – and in place – all night long? Of course, you can bring your lipstick with you for on-the-go touchups (permitting it will fit into your tiny clutch), but an hour of red carpet chatter demands a perfectly-painted pout that won’t budge. Do as the pros do: Apply a foundation to the area first. Think of this as priming the lips and filling in fine lines around the mouth so that lipstick won’t bleed into the cracks. Then line your lips with a lipliner, apply lipstick, and dab a translucent powder on top. This sets it all in place. The final step: reapplying the lipstick for a fresh, highly-pigmented effect.
2. Pearly whites that glisten yet show no signs of lipstick mishaps can seem difficult. But a pro trick of the trade is to apply Vaseline to your teeth before using lipstick. This will provide a barrier for pigments that land on your teeth, while also adding sheen. Think of it as a form of highlighting: drawing focus to your glistening smile. According to makeup artist Gloria Noto, whose clients include Shailene Woodley and Sofia Richie, Paula’s Choice 2-Minute Teeth Whitener ($15) is a quick shortcut for achieving that perfect Beyonce million dollar smile. The easy-apply balm rolls right onto your teeth, and gives you a whiter, brighter smile and minty-fresh breath in mere minutes.
3. Avoiding a nip slip is vital, especially in front of dozens of flashing lights. But, in real life, it’s just as important to feel protected up there. As celebrity stylist Jaime Schneider, who dresses Nicole Richie and Katy Perry, explained, it’s all about the right undergarments. Just because you’re wearing a plunging neckline doesn’t mean you have to skip the bra. “I often have my clients’ bras sewn into the outfit if possible,” explains Jaime. “Otherwise I use Bare Necessities NuBra Ultralite Backless Wire-Free Plunge Bra ($36).”
4. Ever noticed how celebs never seem to have panty lines? According to celebrity stylist Nola Singer, who works with Naomi Harris and Catherine Heigl, “You can always just not wear underwear if the dress is too tight.” But, yeah, not everyone feels comfortable going all bare under there. So, Nola suggests wearing seamless underwear: ” Commando Thong Basics ($20), C.Y.A. Panty ($26), and Cotton Boy Short ($30) styles are all great.”
5. Stilettos can be a serious damper on your evening. How do you dance, let alone walk all night long in 4-inch heels? Jaime suggests adding Dr. Scholl’s DreamWalk Ball Of Foot Cushions ($5) to your shoes, while Nola Singer swears by Foot Petals Heavenly Heelz 6-Pack ($34), even going so far as to call them “life-savers.”

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