Sunday, 25 February 2018

Five Coffee Table Books For The True Fashionista

Marjorie Harvey flipping through the pages of Assouline Chanel Set Of Three Volumes
A true fashionista brings her style savviness to everything she does, especially her personal space. If you’re looking for a fast and fierce way to spruce up your living area, peppering it with the finest fashion coffee table books is not only a simple and sleek place to start, but it’ll feed your fashion-loving soul.
I gathered up five of the most legendary coffee table books that every fashionista must have to impress her guests and inspire her greatest fashion visions.
Flip through the most legendary covers of Vogue, sourcing inspiration from the greatest fashion institution through the decades.
Fashionista coffee table book: covers of Vogue Inside pages of covers of Vogue
Vogue Covers ($104)
Go deep behind-the-scenes with Fern Mallis, the woman that created New York Fashion Week, with this engaging book that features nineteen inspiring interviews with America’s greatest fashion luminaries. 
Fashion Icons With Fern Mallis Fashion Icons With Fern Mallis
Flip through three entire volumes tracking the evolution of one of the most iconic fashion houses, including over 180 illustrations.
Assouline Chanel Set Of Three Volumes Inside pages of Assouline Chanel Set Of Three Volumes
Eunice Johnson, longtime director/producer of the Ebony Fashion Fair, has a remarkable flair for fashion. Step inside sixty full-color images that weave the tale of her legendary vision, innovation, and power that have helped inspire African American women for decades.
Inspiring Beauty: 50 Years Of Ebony Fashion Fair
Inside pages of Inspiring Beauty: 50 Years Of Ebony Fashion Fair
The most iconic supermodel that ever lived, Cindy Crawford, guides you through a photo memoir of milestones and lessons learned. It’s basically like getting to read Cindy’s fashion diary. Incredible! 
Becoming By Cindy Crawford Inside pages of Becoming By Cindy Crawford

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