Monday, 24 April 2017

Stand Firm
We are living in very unusual, trying times. Everywhere you turn there is exploitation, conflict, and controversy. A quick scroll through social media and you’re bound to get a serious case of the blues. However, hardships are not new to the human experience. Every generation has had it’s political, social, and economic challenges.

When I think of previous generations, they faced many of the very same struggles we presently face. In fact, the barriers that stood between so many of them and their potential were unquestionably more severe. Despite the odds, the ones who achieved and even excelled, did so, because of their faith.
They were sure of who they were and whose they were. These trailblazers, whether they held positions in the spotlight or not, possessed an unwavering sense of purpose. Their testimonies and life stories reveal their resilience, creativity and brilliant innovation. Though life often hurled the unfavorable winds of racism, sexism, classism and any other diminishing “ism” you can think of, they chose to resist the crippling current of the status quo. Now you and I have been issued the same charge amid today’s mayhem; whether you are facing public or private battles, cleave tightly to your faith and stand firm.

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