Monday, 8 May 2017

Leave Space For God To Come In
We all have visions, plans, and dreams for our future. Regardless of our age, gender, and socio-economic status, we constantly are imagining what we want our lives to look like.
If you’re a single career oriented person, I’m sure there is a clear picture of what success looks like to you. For those who are married, there is definitely an expectation of how your life together will unfold. Parents especially, regardless of the age of your children, have hopes for a certain kind of future for them: Typically bright and filled with promise.
Those who are smart, successful, and self-actualizing spend a considerable amount of time and energy contemplating their future. It’s something we encourage and hopefully practice. Numerous times, I have advised readers through my weekly Couture Chronicles to “write their vision and make it plain” so you can run, wholeheartedly, toward seeing it come to fruition. My husband and I both encourage folks to do this regularly as well as creating vision boards, finding mentors, praying, and believing as a means of intentionally moving toward having a successful life. But there is one other thing we tell people too that often slips through the cracks: Stay open and available to how it all happens.
As I live life and grow a bit wiser every year, I’ve realized that God can certainly exceed, even supersede, fulfilling what I have envisioned beyond my wildest dreams. I’ve learned that oftentimes the reason I do not see growth, change, and amazing grace unfold in my own life is because of my need to hold on too tightly to what I think should happen. When we do this, we begin to sabotage all that is promising in our lives. We are not allowing ourselves to be open to possibility.
I’ve learned time and time again to make my plans and do my part, but like I’ve heard the great Quincy Jones says about his own artistic process, I then “…leave space for God to come in the room.” No, life may not unfold exactly how we pictured it (it never does), but I promise, the outcome will blow your mind!

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