Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Fashion Deets: Rayar Jeans Rolly Chain Jeans

Kickstarting the chain jeans revolution with Rayar Jeans! The distressed, slim fit denim is given a boost with the addition of customizable chains that don’t rust, don’t turn colors, and can fit various sizes.

I can tell you the following things: they’re not the best jeans to wear to go through airport security! But, they always get compliments. People far and wide ask me, “Where did you get those?”
Often imitated, but rarely duplicated, Rayar Jeans are in a class of their own. The chains are sourced from an exclusive retailer in the Middle East, ensuring high quality and lasting shine. It also means that all the ‘look-a-likes’ out there don’t stand a chance.
Wash ’em and wear ’em; they come in a host of colors.
Get yours at RayarJeans.com.
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