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Gabrielle Union Wade Talks Flawless Hair

Actress Gabrielle Union-Wade has spent years in the beauty chair, making her a pro when it comes to taming tresses and churning out glamorous head-turning looks. And although she makes it look so flawless, the truth in the trailers has been a whole lot less glam.

Inspired by her own self-described “guinea pig” status, Gabrielle Union-Wade felt like there was a void to address in the world of treating textured hair.  So, earlier this year, she partnered with Macadamia to create Flawless, a line of haircare products aimed to truly treat textured hair. Whether braided, extended, woven, wigged, or natural, the products will finesse the flawless into any mane.
Sources had the privilege of talking with this lovely lady in the midst of her busy schedule about a blossoming new business and the true secret to finding your own fierce flawlessness–in the mirror and beyond.
 What’s the genesis of this project?  How did it come about and why did you decide to take it on?
Gabrielle Union-Wade: It came about from years of me being a guinea pig. I’ve spent so many years in trailers with people that were experimenting on my hair–people who didn’t really know how to work with textured hair. Most of these stylists not only didn’t  know how to care for textured hair, but they weren’t willing to educate themselves on how to deal with it.  And for us in front of the camera, we are who people look to for what to do and how to look our best. I felt we really needed products that were truly moisturizing but also effective. I wanted to address the needs of women with textured, relaxed, and natural hair. Basically, anything that’s not fine fine and bone bone straight–which is actually the vast majority of the world. We made sure to use avocado oil, argan oil, and macula oil.  People have been using argan oils, but I wanted to make a product that could incorporate all three.
TLLC: No schedule is more demanding than that of a high-profile working actress. What are some do’s and don’ts you’ve discovered wearing extensions but also protecting your own natural hair?
GUW: Wigs, weaves, extensions: I’ve worn it all!  I would say, do not create so much tension with the braids. It creates hair loss and, in some cases, even minor alopecia.  And protect your edges. Don’t think that the tighter the braid the better. If you’re wearing wigs, make sure you are really treating your natural hair underneath too. Your own hair needs deep moisture and deep conditioning. Make sure you take off the wig every night, and even with the braids and weave you can do a deep condition. I use the Flawless By Gabrielle Union Dry Damaged Hair Repair Masque ($29). I put it on and walk around my house and do things, maybe watch an episode of Insecure. Also, drink your water. I have about a gallon of water a day and  it helps nourish and moisturize my hair, skin, and nails. It also aids with digestion and weight loss.
TLLC: It’s exciting to see a variety of haircare lines created for African-American hair by African-American women. Tell us what makes Flawless unique?
GUW: There’s such diversity of hair textures in the African-American community alone.  And, when I traveled around the world, I always get asked questions from everyone about what to do with their hair. I wanted to include the global community of textured hair–the people that don’t feel included in the marketing plan.
White hairstylist don’t have to learn how to work on textured hair, but when people of color go to beauty school, they have to learn how to do it all.  I really wanted to treat all types of hair, no matter how tight the curl pattern.  A lot of people have felt left out and unrepresented and this was an opportunity to address that.
TLLC: What are your personal 3 favorite products from the collection?
GUW:Whether you’re moving from full glam or your natural hair in a bun, no matter how you want to wear your hair we’ve got you covered:
I love the Flawless by Gabrielle Union Edge Control ($19).  You can use it every day. You can use the edge control and still apply other products on top of it. Other edge controls get flaky when you’ve piled on too much, but we wanted to design these so that you could do a cocktail of other products. For example, you could  also apply Flawless by Gabrielle Union Shine Spray ($19) to the edge control for a beautiful sheen (and I love the smell).  If you don’t wash your hair, it’s not all gonna build up and feel crispy. I hate the crispy feeling.  Also the Flawless by Gabrielle Union Oil Treatment ($25)  is so great for those of us who are putting our hair through a lot.  You can mix a bit of it into the other products as well.
TLLC: We all want hair that’s looks healthy and feels amazing. Describe what having “flawless” hair means to you?  
GUW: It’s when you take that last look in the mirror, and you’re like, ‘that’s that b**ch right there, there she is.’ I want everyone to feel that. Often we take that last look and we think, ‘ah well shit, that’s good enough.’ We’re doing so much work on ourselves these days, to be better, to develop our character. I want the outside to match that inside confidence already at work. I want women to feel like they’re hitting it on all cylinders.
TLLC: Bringing in a new business to an already flourishing career is not a light endeavor. How do you find balance and strength in the midst of such a full life? 
GUW: I’ve mentioned it before but I’m serious, I’ve learned to say NO. I refuse to take on unnecessary drama or gossip or talk about rumors. I refuse to be a receptacle of other people’s crap. I opt out. I just don’t answer the phone.  Also, when people are are forced to text you and write out the issue, they can usually figure it out by going through that process. Basically, if I feel like offering my services to carpool feels like too much that week, I don’t do it. I’d rather be selfish than have high blood pressure.  Especially as a women, people will make you feel bad for not taking on everything, but I don’t care if they call me selfish. I choose to opt out of everyone’s bullsh**t.  I make sure I’m not piling things on my plate that don’t need to be there.
 Images @flawlesshairday and www.flawlesshair.com

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