Sunday, 16 April 2017

Land on Your Feet
Have you ever purchased an item, made plans, or expected something to happen, that in the very moment you were ready to pull the trigger or move full speed ahead, you discovered things didn’t unfold quite the way you planned ?
One of my dear friends was preparing to attend a Gala event with her husband and just as she was getting zipped into her fabulous custom couture gown, the zipper broke! She admitted that the mishap was probably, largely, due to her binging throughout the week and still insisting on squeezing into the dress, rather than any deficiency in the actual construction of the garment. Anyway, she quickly was sown into the dress in order to still rescue the moment and memory she imagined she would create with her husband that evening. While being stitched in the dress, I’m sure, was not the ideal circumstance, she went along with it, was able to wear all the other fabulous accessories she spent hours coordinating to achieve her stellar look, and no one knew anything about the wardrobe malfunction, unless she disclosed it to them. Her outfit was absolutely fantastic!
Life will throw us curve balls and very unexpected moments from time to time, but those who live lavishly, hold fast to a commitment to land on their feet like a feline.  Believe and set as an unwavering expectation, that regardless what life throws your way, the outcome WILL BE BEAUTIFUL!!! It’s amazing how mental resolve can shape our reality. The power of unfaltering determination, starting first with the thoughts we create and maintain, is perhaps the greatest power we have been given to work in partnership with the Divine.

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