Wednesday, 12 April 2017

This Little Boy Has Absolutely No Chill Over His Mom's Pregnancy Announcement

Everyone, meet Tray.
Tray is a young boy who just found out his mom is pregnant with her third child, and he's simply not happy about it. He also has a lot of questions, which we find quite reasonable.

For example, in the video posted by Cosmopolitan (which has now gone viral), he asks his mother, "What were you thinking? Why do you have to just get another baby? You just had two!"
He makes a solid argument there.
He then goes into a bit of a rant which makes him sound like a 50-year-old as opposed to a toddler, and it's beyond cute.
"This is exasperating!" he yells. "Because you just got two! So why do you want to get another baby and just replace one of your babies? It's just too much!"
Of course, his mom  promises Tray's parents would never replace him or his little sister, Amaya...but Tray's just not having it.
"This makes no sense," he continues. "Because if it makes sense, then you just had two babies and you just keep loving them forever and not having another baby between us."
Again, he makes a solid argument. We feel his frustration.
Our favorite part, however, is when he takes a second before pointing at his mother angrily and asking, "What kind of baby is that?"
She explains it could be a boy or a girl, and this doesn't please Tray. "Boys crying is even worse," he quips, before making a final request, "Buy me some ear plugs, too."
LOL! Watch the full hilarious video above.

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