Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Blake Lively's $40 Jeans Are From Where?

ESC: Blake Lively
Turns out it's time to stop overlooking Old Navy's jean selection.
Surrounded by some seriously high-end, designer things (we're talking about her $315 Frame blouse, $2,750 Fendi backpack and $455 pearl-encrusted Stuart Weitzman sandals), Blake Lively chose to mix things up and throw a $40 pair of Old Navy jeans in the mix—first it was Kate Bosworth with the Old Navy, JoJo Fletcher with the Zara and now this! Clearly, fast fashion denim is making a comeback.
I can hear your bank accounts rejoicing already.
And not only do Blake's insanely-affordable pair look expertly tailored (notice how the hem hits her perfectly, just above the ankle strap of her sandal), but the fit seems to also be somewhat dreamy. They're just the right amount of form-fitting to really hug each curve, without looking snug. Something we're all concerned about when it comes to jeans that cheap.
If and/or when that exact style runs out, take a browse through the below cost-friendly selection.

Shop the Look

ESC: Skinny Jeans
Skinny High Ankle Jeans, $20
ESC: Skinny Jeans
Moto Vintage Wash Jamie Jeans, $70
ESC: Skinny Jeans
Skinny Jeans, $40
ESC: Skinny Jeans
Skinny Noa Jeans, $50
ESC: Skinny Jeans
Mid Rise Curvy True Skinny Jeans, Was: $70, Now: $35
ESC: Skinny Jeans
Low-Rise Skinny Jean, Was: $40, Now: $20
Those jeans are a bargain.
To say the least.

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