Tuesday, 25 October 2016

14 Life Lessons From Birthday Girl Katy Perry

Katy Perry
Happy birthday, Katy Perry!
Everyone's favorite Katy-Cat is celebrating her 32nd birthday today and in honor of her special day, we wanted to let it be known just how many important things we've learned from the pop star, however unintentionally, over the years, including valuable lessons about love, life, drama, friendship, food, fashion and living life to the fullest.
A big thank you to Instagram for being the platform for so much Perry wisdom, and we wish you an enjoyable walk down memory lane. Feel free to take notes:
1. The first lesson we can learn from Katy is that Taco Bell is important, and that no matter how famous you get you are not above Taco Bell—not even after you've become a firework who's performed at the Super Bowl and been on the cover of Forbes.
2. She's also taught us that if you've got it, flaunt it in order to make sure that people get out and rock the vote on Nov. 8.
3. We also consider her an expert on friendships and the theory of karma. Life lesson learned, be a decent person.
4. Girl crushes? Everyone's got one...on Rihanna.
5. Katy reminds us that Halloween isn't the only time you can dress up as your favorite celebrities. You can also copy their outfits at public events.
We wonder what Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears thought about this? (And if it's anything but love, we do not want to know.)
6. Despite her lofty celeb status, Katy proves that you can have fun at any age. Even in art museums.
7. ...or at the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
8. Katy always helps us know what is in and what is out. And that we've wasted tons of money on chokers...
9. But don't worry, all those '90s dad hats you've collected are still good in her book.
10. Think that you're the only one who screenshots conversations for review? Think again. Katy does it too. Because she too is a normal person who needs validation on her texts.
11. I didn't believe that this was true. But since Katy said it, it must be. I wonder what she knows that we don't...
12. Covered in glitter? Don't worry. Katy's got you.
13. Thanks, Katy, for reminding us that even celebrities can sub-tweet. Oh, and thank you for making us feel better about all the sub-tweets we've written about our exes. We're glad you get us.
14. But seriously. She's all about power for ladies of all ages. And we love that about her.
Happy birthday, Katy. Here's to another year of Katy-Cat wisdom.

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