Tuesday, 25 October 2016

24: Legacy Resets the Clock in Action-Packed New Trailer

24: Legacy

24 is back! Again! But different!
Fox debuted a brand new trailer for 24: Legacy ahead of the World Series tonight, and it's a pretty exciting ride.
It looks like the show is going right back to its old tricks in a whole new way, with a new star (Corey Hawkins), a new international emergency, and a whole new day of saving the world.
As the trailer explains, Eric Carter (Hawkins) is an army ranger who took part in a military operation that took down a terrorist. Now, the terrorist's associates have killed the rest of the squad, and Carter sets out on his own to stop them from attacking further.
The new series also stars Miranda Otto, Jimmy Smits, Teddy Sears, and Dan Bucatinsky, all of whom can be seen in the trailer, along with a whole lot of badass action scenes. What more could we want from a new 24
24: Legacy will debut Sunday, February 5, following the Super Bowl, and will continue Monday, February 6 on Fox.

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