Monday, 21 November 2016

DIY Colored Mascara: How Pro Makeup Artists Use Broken Eye Shadow

ESC: Olivia Munn
If a little mascara can go a long way, just imagine what a colored version can do.
Every time stars like Olivia Munn or Karlie Kloss hit the red carpet in boldly-hued mascara, fans gush over their mega-watt lashes. However, a problem presents itself when we rush to a beauty aisle or counter near us, only to find shades limited to the classic blacks and browns and more electric blues and purples. While standard, those mascaras don't always complement the wide range of natural lash colors. Not to mention we want to taste the rainbow!
Now, we can. At a recent MAC Nutcracker Sweet event, we learned you can create your own colors using mascara base (which is typically used to amplify the effects of mascara) and any ol' eye shadow you have laying around. Just mix a small dollop of MAC Mixing Medium Lash ($14) and that broken shadow hiding at the bottom of your makeup back together until you get the desired pigment. Use a disposable spoolie and layer it onto and under your lashes. The base liquefies the shadow, while the formula amplifies the shadow shade.  
ESC: Eyeshadow
Don't feel like you have to go too bold with the hue either. A subtle contrast will still brighten up your eyes. Pro tip: Instead of applying the mix from root to ends like a traditional mascara, only swipe on product from mid-lash to the ends for a more subtle yet crazy-cool effect.
Want to add a little of bit of shine to the mix to make those eyes really pop? Instead of using mascara base, mix a wax-based formula, like MAC Mixing Medium Shine, with a shadow and your holiday party makeup is pretty much done!

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