Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Holiday Beauty Must-Haves For Darker Skin Tones: Glitter Need Not Apply
It’s desk-to-drinks season, and you know what that means: A girl needs to be party-ready in an instant. We need to go from “Worker Bee” to “After Work Bae” and it can’t take a whole lot of time. Now, if your first instinct is to throw a bunch of glitter at the situation, think again. Holiday beauty for women of color is about more than just dousing one’s self in a cloud of sparkle. Negatory! This season, do holiday in a way that focuses on strategically placed glints of glamour…not over-the-top fairy dust and chunky bits of glitter.
Read on as i share my best tips for elegantly transitioning from the cubicles to cocktails in one fell swoop.

Spread Your Wings
With a flick of the wrist, create dramatic, statement-making eyes with Lancôme GRANDIÔSE Bendable Liquid Eyeliner in Saphir Mirifique ($32). The secret is in the contrast: The high wattage blue pops against dark skin and gives brown eyes major wow factor. While black liner is classic, blue is a great holiday glam alternative for richer skin tones. If you haven’t quite mastered your liquid liner game, try a soft pencil like The Estée Edit Inside Track Eye Kajal in Navy Brat/ Baby Blue ($22). You’ll get the same gorgeous midnight blue contrast on dark skin, but with a creamy pencil instead of a felt tip liner. And if your cat eye is less than perfect, just give it a little smudge for a sultry, smoldering effect. Complete your look and elevate your lash game with Flirt Flashes Lash Applicator ($28). The chic, little pre-loaded lash gun contains tiny lash clusters that can be adhered to the outer corners for a natural look, or across the entire lash line for a more dramatic effect. The little faux lashes are super sexy, super black, and really stand out against darker skin tones. Now you’re ready to party!
Low-Key Glam
Glossier has perfected the art of understated glam, and their limited-edition Black Tie Set ($50) is beautifully suited for darker skin tones. The four-step road map to glowy holiday skin includes everything needed to give brown skin a boost. Use the opalescent highlighter to impart sheen and flaunt your features. Frame your eyes with the greyish-black graphite liner; the shade gives dark skin added depth without looking heavy. Resist the urge to bypass the gloss because it seems basic and clear. The gloss is actually where the magic begins. Swipe the slick, see-though lip lacquer onto lips and the glassy finish immediately enhances your natural lip tone and fullness. Lock down your look with the baby soft pink nail polish that’s perfect for a quick desk side mani. The entire kit is so simple yet so impactful and perfectly suited for darker skin tones!
Red-y Red-y Red-y
R&B crooner Johnny Gill once sang, “Put on your red dress…” but surely he meant, “red lip”…because nothing says classic holiday glam like a crisp red lip. For deeper skin tones, AJ Crimson Matte Liquid Lips in Ruby Who ($22) is our go-to. The vivid, blue-red drenches lips in color with a single application and the long-wear formula lasts until the wee hours. Once applied, it ain’t going nowhere. We promise! Oh, but be sure to exfoliate and treat lips before applying a fierce, matte pout. Smooth out your situation with Bite Beauty Whipped Cherry Lip Scrub ($18). The gentle, mousse-like exfoliant remedies chapped skin, leaving lips baby soft. For added hydration and plumpness, follow up with Patchology Flash Patch Lip Gels ($50). Now your lips are signed, sealed, delivered, and ready to dance the night away! Mwah!
Made You Blush
The latest beauty trend to re-emerge (because, let’s face it, it’s all been done before) is “draping” – a technique that calls for sculpting the face with blush, rather than darker contour makeup. And darker skin tones play up this look particularly well because deeper complexions can wear a wide range of vibrant blush hues like plum (Black Up Blush in Shade 03 $27), berry (Marc Jacobs Shameless Bold Blush in Tantalizing $30), apricot (Nars Blush in Torrid $30), fuchsia (NYX Cosmetics High Definition Blush in Electro $7), and merlot (Shea Moisture Mineral Powder Blush in Sand $7). These shades perfectly compliment darker skin tones and, for holiday, add just the right balance of drama and glow. Start from the temples and continue downward toward the cheekbone. This technique gives the face a bit of lift, a bit of sculpt, and a whole lot of glam!
Brighten Up
You’ve been at your desk all day and suddenly it’s time to shine…but not with glitter or specks of sparkle. We need a brightening product and we need one that wont make dark skin appear ashy, gray, or dull, because just NO! So here we go: Prep for your next holiday soiree with a quick swipe, tap, and blend of Laura Mercier Candleglow Concealer and Highlighter ($32). Available in a several brown girl-friendly shades that offer cool and neutral undertones, women of color can apply this soft focus illuminator with confidence. The two-in-one brightener-slash-concealer applies a sheer veil of coverage, while illuminating effects soften and diffuse imperfections. It transforms tired eyes, lifts sagging cheekbones, lightens shadows around the nose and mouth, and spotlights skin in a radiant flush of light. Everyone looks way more glam under the glow of candlelight!

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