Monday, 28 November 2016

Hair Glaze Is Like Emergen-C for Your Sick, Sad Locks

ESC: Must Do MondayBelieve it or not—your hair can get sick, too. OK, not full flu-face status, but it can lose its shine and silkiness to cold, wintry weather. Don't hide your head under a hat all season long—all your lackluster locks need is a pick-me-up, a.k.a. hair glaze.

"After the damage of summer sun and drying fall weather, I always suggest going to the salon to get a glaze to prep for winter," said celeb hairstylist Marc Mena. "Glazes can transform your hair from faded color into rich and vibrant and a dull texture into a healthy and silky feel."
Unlike hair masks, which hydrate and restore moisture into your locks, a glaze simply coats your hair—so you don't lose volume like with weighted conditioning formulas. Expect red-carpet-worthy shine for up to two weeks!
"If you hair gets lightened from the sun naturally, glazes are a good way to get your hair back to its natural color without permanent dye," added the hair pro, who's worked with celebs like Mindy Kaling and Jordana Brewster.
Consider it Emergen-C for your dull, lifeless hair.Before you try this at home (the pro recommended John Frieda Luminous Color Glaze Clear Shine) or request it from your local salon, don't get a glaze confused with a hair gloss, which is another shine treatment that involves peroxide or ammonia. The latter lasts longer (three to four weeks) but is meant to fill in porous hair and maintain color-treated hair.
So if your tresses are looking a bit dull this season, the glazed look will get you far. 

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