Wednesday, 30 November 2016

#WCW: Janelle Monae
Singer/songwriter, Covergirl, actress.  Is there anything Janelle Monae can’t do?  Not likely.  This Kansas City native has had us on cloud nine with her music ever since her debut, and has shown no signs of slowing down since. 
Under the creative direction of Maeve Reilly, it’s no surprise her red carpet looks always stun onlookers.  That said, what’s a great outfit without equally beautiful hair and makeup?
bcw-janelle-monae-16When it comes to how she styles her hair, it’s pompadours, bangs, and braids for this electric lady.  Janelle loves to push the envelope with different hairstyles, often devising eclectic ways to highlight the beauty of her natural hair.  I mean, can we talk about her braided moment during the 2015 Met Gala?bcw-janelle-monae-25 bcw-janelle-monae-21 bcw-janelle-monae-39As far as makeup, Janelle Monae sticks to classic looks, never appearing too garish or overdone.  When she’s not fresh-faced, the Covergirl loves sporting a timeless red lip.  But from time to time, she’s been known to pump up the volume with bright pinks and glossy nudes.  A little foundation, eyeliner and subtle blush to slightly flush her cheeks make for the perfect recipe for a stunning beat.bcw-janelle-monae-11 bcw-janelle-monae-4

What’s more is the songbird’s drive for conquering new challenges.  Showcasing her acting chops, she has leading roles in the critically acclaimed films Moonlight (in theaters now) and Hidden Figures, hitting theaters this Christmas.  Despite all her accomplishments and accolades, Janelle Monae seems to be one of the most humble and gracious entertainers to date.   bcw-janelle-monae-44 bcw-janelle-monae-43 bcw-janelle-monae-45
So here’s to this week’s beauty crush, Janelle Monae!  Proof positive that with talent, ambition, and never straying from your true self, anyone can soar to higher heights.
bcw-janelle-monae-42What say you to this week’s pick?

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