Sunday, 9 April 2017

Getting Your Mind Right
Thought is energy. Thoughts, concentrated on a specific notion or idea, turn into power. Whatever you focus on everyday, you give the power of your being to. Therefore, thoughts are extremely important.

If on a regular basis, you focus on nothing in particular, months from now you will have nothing in particular to show for the time that has passed. If you commit yourself with laser like focus to a goal like getting healthy, in several months, that idea will have become a reality. Far too often we allow our thoughts to just “be” whatever they are, or we allow them to “run wild” as opposed to grabbing hold of them and directing them intentionally toward something specific.
People who achieve great things accomplish them first in their mind. Whether it’s graduating from college, getting out of debt, purchasing a home or even working on creating a better version of yourself, everything starts as an idea! We choose if the idea blows away as a passing thought or if it gets planted, rooted, and grows into a reality.
I’ve come to realize that grabbing hold of my thoughts, choosing to view life positively with those thoughts, and certainly focusing very clearly on what I want in life is called getting my mind right!! Nothing worth having comes without struggle but I’ve learned that if I can lay hold of something in my mind first, I have it already!

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