Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Does Kourtney Kardashian's Detox Bath Soak Really Help Relieve Stress? Find Out!

ESC: Digital Detox
Is the thought of parting with your precious iPhone, even for an hour, too much to bear?
If you answered yes, you, friend, are in need of a digital detox. That doesn't mean bidding adieu to your lifeline forever, though. Not even a Kardashian would do that in the name of beauty. So what does Kourtney Kardashian do when she needs a break from the world? She draws a bath. To help rid her body of urban toxicity, stress and sluggishness, the holistic-leaning mom of three uses Pursoma's Digital Detox Bath. Intrigued? Here's what you need to know.

The two-ingredient formula is vegan and chemical free, so right off the bat it just feels like a good idea. The main ingredient is Montmorillinite clay, which draws out toxins, like metals and other chemicals, that are in your system simply from being exposed to technology and urban living. The second ingredient, which you'll find tucked inside the pouch is a separate plastic bag, is gray sea salt, which stimulates circulation and relieves tight muscles. Sounds relaxing already.
Time for the actual bath. The chic, all-white package, adorned with soft teal details and calming gray script, instructs you to drink 8-16 oz of purified water prior to the plunge—because apparently the detoxing process is dehydrating. Makes sense, so while the bath fills up, you'll have a few spare minutes to chug (bonus points if your glass is filtered, like instructed). Scoop a good amount of clay into the tub and sprinkle the salt in immediately after. Expect a light fizzle and suddenly cloudy bath water. Think of the bath-drawing process as relaxing in the same way that cooking can be. Do a sweep and clear the room of any electronics. And while you're at it, light a few candles to set the mood. You're ready. 
ESC: Kourtney Kardashian Bath Salts
At this point, you're feeling pretty zen already. Good news, too: There's no overwhelming aromatic smell or even an abrasive tingling sensation, like can be expected with other bath soaks. The water will be warm and murky, but in an expensive, spa day kind of way. Stick it out for 20 minutes (as recommended on the package). Disclaimer: If you sit still in a steamy tub or otherwise for an uninterrupted period of time, it's safe to say you're going to feel a little less stressed. Once you feel like you've reached a meditative state, drain the bath before cocooning yourself in a towel to "sweat and rest" for 30 more minutes. Will you feel immediately detoxed? Hard to say.
But will you have any trouble getting to sleep that night? Highly unlikely. Worth a try, wouldn't you say? 
Pursoma Digital Detox Bath, $34

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