Monday, 3 October 2016 Launches #TheOne Campaign
Website recently launched a multi-touch point campaign called #TheOne! The concept is that Farfetch allows you to explore the world of luxury through their global boutiques and brands, so no matter what you want you never have to settle, you can always find #TheOne for you.

FarFetch has lots to love, but I’m currently crushing on their bags! You can’t go wrong with a sturdy Givenchy tote, and their Antigona bags have been catching my eye. They come in a range of colors to suit your sartorial needs.
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They’re a splurge, but I can attest to Givenchy’s durability. I’ve had a Nightingale tote for years and it’s still held up.
Splurge on #TheOne below:

And peruse to see what else they have in store.
What’s that one item you can’t live without this Fall?

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