Sunday, 9 October 2016

Run the Risk
Run the Risk. Pull The “Trigger”!…Not that of a real gun, of course, but specifically, in the area of sound decision making in our everyday lives. I call it pulling the “trigger”!

Someone once told me “He/She who hesitates is lost”. We often forfeit opportunities and the power we are divinely given to be great, because we hesitate to move forward with decisions that are truly in our best interest. Occasionally, I draw upon a practical style parallel when writing there Couture Chronicle segments to illustrate a bigger, more philosophical pobit. So let me do that now, by saying, you have a right to choose to be beautiful, to be stylish, to even be stunning!!! Just as you have the right to choose to be successful, enterprising, and even innovative in whatever kind of life you choose to pursue!!! All of your desired outcomes, begin with a decision. As a matter of fact, one of the most powerful things you can ever do in life as a living, breathing, human being is make up your mind about some situation, some thing or someone. Then, believing you have a right to enjoy life’s many benefits, take the necessary steps to see the results you desire come to fruition. But none of it ever happens, if you refuse to run the Risk. Go for what you want.
Now pursuing what you deeply desire also means letting go of what you know you don’t want.  That takes fauthority and fortitude. Most people don’t want to loose what they have in order to male room for their desires but it’s necessary. Begin practicing this principle from the mundane to the significant. Make room only for what you truly want. Stop buying clothes you hate. Stop participating in relationships and activities that drain the life out of you. Stop filling up your life with unwanted clutter. Start choosing people, places, and things that authentically add real value to your life!!! Then and only then, will you start living lavishly (on any budget, my dear friend). Ultimately, when you decide to pull the proverbial  trigger you posses, it will not only move your life forward in a direction you will feel good about, you’ll also discover the only thing destroyed in the process are your fears and limitations!!! You got this! You can do it. Run the risk 😉

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