Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Did Bella Hadid Just Make Forehead Contouring a Thing?

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Just when you thought bronzer was over, Bella Hadid comes along and makes forehead contouring a thing.
It's true: In an interview with Elle, the supermodel's makeup artist Vincent Oquendo mentioned that camera flashes can actually flatten your forehead, making it look like you caked your foundation on a little too thick. But don't worry, a subtle forehead contour can change all that by adding a little depth that will instantly trace your face shape."Forehead contouring is actually a good, age-old trick that, when done correctly, defines and slims the silhouette of your face. It's especially helpful for times when you have your hair up, too," agreed pro makeup artist Suzie Kim.

Be warned: Forehead contouring should be done as an extra step in your regular contour—not alone. That's the only way it will look seamless. The key is to blend the rest of your contour as usual and then do your forehead last. For the top area, you'll want to stick to a matte bronzer, like Kevyn Aucoin's The Matte Bronzing Veil in Desert Nights, for a natural look. In other words, save the shimmer for your cheeks. 

For Suzie's no-fail tips on working bronzer into your hairline, watch the video below!

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