Wednesday, 9 November 2016

The Clintons Wear Purple In A Symbolic Message To America During Concession Speech

Hillary Clinton Makes A Statement After Loss In Presidential Election
Source: John Moore / Getty
We tend to underestimate the power and symbolism of fashion within major historical moments; however, we can’t ignore what we saw this morning. Hillary Clinton appeared at The New York Hotel with her husband, former President Bill Clinton, to address the nation after a devastating loss for an opportunity to lead the United States Of America.

Source: Justin Sullivan / Getty
Hillary Clinton arrived in her famous pantsuit look, with her lapels being a regal purple. Bill Clinton showed solidarity with a purple tie. Purple has much representation. Not only is the color of royalty, but it is also the color of mourning. The deep color is also one of wisdom and dignity; two characteristics that Secretary Clinton represented on the podium. Hillary Clinton was undoubtedly the most qualified person to be President of the United States of America; however, a majority of Americans were ready to go in another direction. Her dignity and grace throughout her concession speech was in alinement with her color choice.
Lastly, purple represents bipartisanship – it’s red and blue together.
Hopefully, like this color was able to create something beautiful from red and blue, America can do the same.

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