Wednesday, 9 November 2016

What Now? Donald Trump is President of the United States

It is with utter shock, disappointment, and disbelief that I report that Donald J. Trump is the 45th President of the United States.
Any minority; any disenfranchised, disrespected, and marginalized community feels the pain of this today.
America went from progress and hope with the election of Barack Obama, The first Black President, to a man who has spewed hatred, lies, stupidity, and misogyny for the duration of his campaign.
The question is what now?
My knee jerk reaction is to keep on keeping on, as you always have.
  America has overcome police dogs, and all forms of oppression from slavery to legalized slavery via the prison system. America has survived black lives being killed as if they were useless chattel. America has survived the destruction of black families and economic disparity. And you will survive this. You are strong. you will not fail.
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This election has served as a wake up call to me and I’m sure to many of you. America so far from achieving equality.  Neighbors down South and in middle America really don’t think much of America as a whole. Thankfully this is still a free, democratic nation where you can go for your dreams. It might take longer, but the sky is the limit. So go get it.
Love + Light,

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