Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Trending: The Pantsuit

What comes in on-trend is often a direct reflection of the current mood or tone of the world at large. The collective vibe begins to weaves itself into the imagination of designers and then into the clothes we rush to buy. Last week millions of women had the opportunity to vote for the first female presidential candidate. Hillary Clinton may not have won the election, but those glimmers of a lady in the power seat struck an unforgettable chord. Her collection of power suits struck a matching chord in the world of trends, giving birth to the grand comeback of the female power suit.

Here are some fabulously fierce finds that may play perfectly into our  new power dynamics. All hail the pantsuit!
Topshop Velvet Suit Jacket ($140)
Topshop Velvet Suit Trousers ($80)
ASOS Ultimate Pink Metallic Blazer ($91)
ASOS Ulitmate Pink Metallic Pants ($61)

After Six Jacket And Pants Outifit With Accessories ($375)
Topshop Petite Tailored Suit Jacket ($125)
Topshop Tailler Suit Trousers ($68)
ASOS Kimono Jacquard Suit In Floral ($91)
ASOS Kimono Jacquard Suit In Floral ($61)

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