Monday, 19 December 2016

Fashion Deets: Karlie Kloss’s New York City UNRAVEL FWRD Exclusive Red Bomber Jacket and By Far ‘Neva’ Frontal Zip Black Ankle Boots

Leggy supermodel Karlie Kloss was snapped while strolling around the concrete jungle that is New York City.  She braved the cold in a $1552 UNRAVEL FWRD Exclusive Bomber and tiptoed around the city in a pair of $370 By Far “Neva” Frontal Zip Black Ankle Boots.
 This UNRAVEL bomber features dual zip front closures and ribbed knit trims.
karlie-kloss-nyc-unravel-fwrd-exclusive-red-bomber-jacket-and-by-far-neva-frontal-zip-black-ankle-boots-8Side flap pockets with button snap closures allow for easy carriage of tiny knick-knacks if you’re not in the mood for traveling with a purse.karlie-kloss-nyc-unravel-fwrd-exclusive-red-bomber-jacket-and-by-far-neva-frontal-zip-black-ankle-boots-6Her By Far boots feature a chic two inch heel.karlie-kloss-nyc-unravel-fwrd-exclusive-red-bomber-jacket-and-by-far-neva-frontal-zip-black-ankle-boots-2
Simply shaped with square toe and finished with a front zipper. Perfect for elongating legs in cropped jeans.karlie-kloss-nyc-unravel-fwrd-exclusive-red-bomber-jacket-and-by-far-neva-frontal-zip-black-ankle-boots-1You have to admit this is a really cool and functional look for Karlie, but at a total of $1,922, do you think her look is worth the splurge?
Well, if you’re in the mood to treat yourself this holiday season, you can shop her jacket here and her boots here.
karlie-kloss-nyc-unravel-fwrd-exclusive-red-bomber-jacket-and-by-far-neva-frontal-zip-black-ankle-boots-5 karlie-kloss-nyc-unravel-fwrd-exclusive-red-bomber-jacket-and-by-far-neva-frontal-zip-black-ankle-boots-7
What say you to Karlie’s look?
karlie-kloss-nyc-unravel-fwrd-exclusive-red-bomber-jacket-and-by-far-neva-frontal-zip-black-ankle-boots-9   karlie-kloss-nyc-unravel-fwrd-exclusive-red-bomber-jacket-and-by-far-neva-frontal-zip-black-ankle-boots-4

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