Monday, 19 December 2016

Tori Elizabeth and Victory Jones Debut Part 3 of The Colored Girl Campaign, Exploring The Journey to the Crown
The Colored Girl campaign gave two riveting installments on how to love the skin you’re in.  This time around, Tori Elizabeth and Victory Jones explore the stories of 7 women on a journey to regaining their crowns.  We are born into this world with a crown filled with grace, love, health, independence, strength and much more.  When life’s trials and tribulations strip you of these qualities, the journey to reclaim your crown can be one of the most difficult, but promising lessons ever learned.

The Journey to the Crown is a campaign meant to empower and inspire women who are in the middle of life’s trials and tribulations.  It is always easy to give up in the midst of a storm, but the ladies of this series prove there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
Creators Tori Elizabeth and Victory Jones provided the women featured in the campaign, a platform to tell their stories so that they can help others.
Each installment of the campaign offers a new lesson.  We get to dive into the lives of 7 unique women who were determined to find the beauty in their pain.  Here is their journey to the crown:
Black as midnight they say.  Too dark, they say.” -Khoudia
Khoudia Diop demanded all of our attention when she participated in the 2nd installment of The Colored Girl series.  While we were all captivated by her rich melanin, Khoudia wasn’t always positively received.  Growing up the model was bullied for her gorgeous complexion.  Now the Senegalese beauty is the poster girl for brown girls everywhere.  How could you not be obsessed with her flawless skin?
I refuse to be put in a box.  I am 100% woman and I deserve a seat at the table.  To be seen, heard and cherished too.” -Leyna
Leyna Ramos is a model and advocate for the LGBT community.  In a world where being different is often shunned and looked down upon, Leyna has become the perfect example to Trans men and women looking to succeed in the beauty/fashion industry.  She lives her life in a way that promotes acceptance, self-love and resilience.
When I was at my lowest, my religion did not save me.  I found it (religion), and it guided me to the places I needed to go to; to find myself, to express my truth, to express my style and share it with the world.” -Naskassi
Nakissi Dosso is a Muslim fashion blogger who battled depression.  Struggling with fully accepting her religion, she allowed the negative perception of the Muslim religion influence her thoughts.  As a result she did not practice.  Upon some research she realized the Muslim faith is about peace and love.  Soon after, she decided to practice without the influence of her friends and family.  She used her religion as an outlet to help readjust her crown and find her place in the world.
“(I was) violated by my own blood… betrayed by friends and people I trusted.  My body is mine and no one else’s to take.” -Britt
Britt Bradley is a beautiful, brown pageant queen with a not so beautiful past.  She is the definition of a tough cookie.  Britt has overcome poverty, depression and is a survivor of rape and molestation.  She has taken her hurtful past and turned it into an example of how climb from the valley to the mountain top.  As a pageant queen, she motivates and inspires young women to rise above their past in order to embrace future blessings.
My will was stronger than the illness that almost took my life; and that made me want to take mine.  I am resilient, healthy and strong.” -Mya
Mya Hernandez is living with a chronic, autoimmune disease that damages the skin, joints and/or organs inside of the body.  For Mya, living with Lupus has been a roller coaster.  The disease once made her suicidal.  In efforts to reclaim her crown and her body, she decided to become a victor instead of a victim.  She fully embraces everything that life has to offer.
“I couldn’t let cancer beat me.  I fought with everything I had, to overcome.  To heal.  To help others.” -Tasha
Tasha Guevara is a woman with many layers.  She is a well-traveled DJ who enjoys Yoga.  After surviving cancer and being a victim to sexual assault, Tasha decided it was time to take her power back.  Tasha’s “zen” attitude keeps her centered and full of hope.  She is a survivor!
I was never my sadness.  Hurting myself was my therapy.  Util I found a way through the other side. To heal.  To be whole again.  To finally love myself and allow myself to be loved.”   – Marshalle
Today, Marshalle Crockett is a successful makeup artist and a role model to single mothers everywhere.  Her past is evidence that with work, you can recover from anything.  While suffering from depression, Marshalle resorted to cutting as a coping mechanism.  As she rediscovered her worth, she recovered from self-injury.  Now she spends her helping women see their inner and outer beauty.
As The Colored Girl series continues to grow, women everywhere are learning how to embrace their truth.  We explored colorism in the first installment, inclusion in the second, and now we take a walk with 7 queens on their Journey to the Crown.
Art Director: Victory Jones
Stylist, Costume Designer & Publicist: Tori Elizabeth

Executive Producer: CLASS Network, Ellen Osei,
Nana Kyeremeh
Photographer: Joey Rosado
Hair: Julie Dastine, Jasmine Larmont
Makeup Artists: Marshalle Crockett, Lily Morales 
Designers: Clothing – Samantha Black  Crowns & Jewelry – M’Shari Whaley
* The Colored Girl LLC will host the CLASS network’s The Journey to the Crown Experience conference on February 10th and 11th at The Lounge, 154 Grand Street, New York, NY.  This campaign will broaden the platform beyond social media, allowing women to find their voice during times of adversity.

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