Monday, 26 December 2016

Pregnant With a Dream
I love the Christmas holiday season. It’s such a beautiful time of year! The lights, decorations, and togetherness, make moments so rich and wonderful. Those who know me well, know that holiday music is another aspect of the season that brings me great joy. My husband and I both are ardent music lovers and while I love so many of the soulful classics, one of my other favorites is the more recently popular tune, Mary Did You Know. I love the way in which it rhetorically asks Mary if she had any idea just how important, powerful, revolutionary, and radically relevant the baby she was carrying would be to all of mankind.

Humble, innocent, born of meager means, naive to life’s challenges and intricacies, we all know that the young teenage mother-to-be could not possibly have known all of what was in store for her and her child. I think rather poignantly the song illustrates that like Mary, we all are carrying a special gift, a destiny, a purpose inside of us and we are somewhat unaware of it’s potential impact. What we each carry may not redefine how time and history is measured the way the life of Jesus did, but if what we carry can save, impact or redirect the life of another human being positively, then that thing living inside us is in fact remarkable, and deserves to be born.
Like Mary’s assignment, there may be many unforeseen obstacles, challenges, and set backs along the journey of carrying your purpose full-term, but in contrast, there are equally immeasurable amounts of benefits, blessings, and miracles to be experienced along the way. I encourage any of you reading this who may find themselves pregnant with a dream, a promise, or some deep seated potential, this coming year be courageous like Mary, who embarked upon her destiny road by saying “be it unto me as you have said”. Go for it! Nurture that powerful treasure inside you until you deliver it fully. You never know how it may impact the lives of those around you. And you never know, maybe one day someone will ask the same question of you: Did you know…?

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