Toya Wright for Cosmopolitan Magazine.
Cosmo: Hi Toya! So we know you’re a Reality TV star and a businesswoman. But who is the Toya Wright most people don’t know?
I’m a very spiritual person who loves spending time with my family and friends. I prefer to have a house party or game night in the comforts of my own home rather than go out to a nightclub.
You’re also an author! How has the reception to your book, In My Own Words… My REALity, been since it was released?
The reception of In My Own Words since it was released has been AMAZING! I receive so many messages from fans thanking me for opening up about my life. They are able to learn from things I’ve gone through in my lifetime and they especially love the chapter in my book on friendship.
Raising a daughter in your teens must also have had its fair share of challenges. How did you cope with being a young mother?
Reginae and I are very close. I’m not only her mother, but her friend. When I first had Reginae, I had so much support from my family and of course her Dad, Wayne. The advice I would give to any parent is, always be open with your children. My daughter talks to me about everything and she is on the road to being a successful entrepreneur and businesswoman. We have been very blessed!
With over six million followers on social media, how do you handle all the attention? Especially the haters?!
I honestly don’t pay attention to the haters. UNLESS, someone says something about my daughter and then Mama Bear kicks in. I don’t care what people say about me, but kids are off limits. Social media is a blessing and a curse, but it is great for my businesses.
What’s the one thing you feel you haven’t accomplished yet, that you would love to?
I would love to be in movies! That’s the one thing I would like to do. I really want to explore that side, which is acting or even guest appearing on a television show. I even have aspirations of guest co-hosting a talk show.