Thursday, 15 December 2016

Fashion Deets: Shop To’Sha Handbags

shop-tosha-handbagsWhile getting my nails done the other day, I spied a stylish chic, sporting a chic velvet purse, decorated with pom poms. After inquiring further, she disclosed that she was the designer! So allow me to introduce you to To’Sha Handbags:

The bags are inspired by the Peony flower. The designer explains, “For me, the Peony symbolizes beauty, femininity and the richness of color. The decorative balls represent the buds of the Peony before they bloom into its radiant flower. The front flap of each design is 100% hand-crafted and each named after a different type of Peony.”
Prices range from $530-$590.
They are certainly head turners!
Get yours here.
What do you think?

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