Friday, 9 December 2016

Clothes To Rekindle Your Love Life
Whether it’s a slow burning lifelong love,  a new sizzling love affair, or the sweet glow of your steady romance, rekindling those first sparks of love is more than just a dreamy desire; it’s an attainable reality.  Drop those tired notions that passion fades with time and delve into new romantic possibilities. How you feel about yourself determines how others will feel about you, especially your significant other. I don’t have the power to control the outside, but there is always a way to influence it.
One of fastest ways to reignite the spark is to reinvent your style. I gathered up some romantic wardrobe choices that’ll help stoke the flame regardless of what phase of love you’re in. Peruse the passionate possibilities below.

The first stretch of love is all about the novelty of precious first moments. But what keeps those embers aglow is allowing your new flame to see the full scope of your personality. Range is sexy, so the more he can discover about the many dimensions of you, the more there will be to love. Keep him captivated by sharing the many sides of you. Red has magnetic qualities, so pull in a pop of red to rev up the romance whenever you can.
Woman in lovely dress
Red high fashion clothes and accessories
Topshop Baseball by Calvin Klein  ($58)
Topshop Red Plunge Bra ($38)
Topshop Red Thong ($20)
Topshop Tall Plisse Wrap Body ($52)
Topshop Red Leather Blossom Eyelet Leather Skirt ($180)
Topshop Red Paint Floral Wrap ($9)
TRUE ROMANCE (2 years and going strong)
After two years, you’ve usually seen each other through all the many versions there are to discover.  But sometimes, amongst all these great discoveries, we fall comfortably into that best friend zone and forget that we were lovers in the first place. One quick way to spark the flame is to reconnect with your feminine side. Make a point to connect yourself and your style to that magnetic feminine quality that attracted him to you in the first place. Channel your inner-goddess with a series of uber-feminine frocks that are sure to remind him you’re his dream girl. Think: form-fitting, flowers, ruffles, and pink!
Jennifer Lopez
Trendy midi dresses
Topshop All Over Embellished Midi Dress ($420)
Topshop Asymmetric Bodycon Dress ($68)
Topshop Cross Bardot Dress By Love ($76)
Nasty Gal Bardot Aaliyah Lace Skirt ($88)
Bebe Petite Print Slit Gown ($189)
THE STEADY FLAME (life partners)
The joy of spending your whole life with a loved one is an immeasurable blessing. Beyond the ups and downs, you’ve had the luxury of a best friend that loves you for better or for worse. Ah, bliss! Or not? The spark of desire is directly linked to mystery, something that’s difficult to maintain when you know someone so well. When we feel there is something to discover in another, we are magnetically pulled to that mystery until we can close the gap created by that longing. To fuel desire in a long-term flame, you must continue to expand individually so that the two of you can continue to feel that longing, falling in love with all the new parts of yourself you continue to bring to the relationship. Invest in dance classes, or a new fitness regimen, allowing your lover to discover a whole new physique. Make bold choices in your activities and return that same sense of adventure to your style as well. Throw out the tired routines (and those tired sweat pants) and watch as he marvels at the mystery of you! Think: daring, dynamic, playful, and bold.
Beyonce in a white couture dress
Dresses with slits
Nasty Gal Zhivago Eye Of Hours Slit Dress ($488)
Nasty Gal Rare London On Deck
Nasty Gal Say Name Embroidered Maxi Dress ($198)
Nasty Gal Dynasty Sheer Kaftan ($78)
Al0 Coast Mesh Inset Stirrup Leggings ($94)
Alo Carmen Tank With Bra ($66)

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