Monday, 12 December 2016

Je Ne Sais Quoi

JeNe1It’s amazing to me how even in 2014 people still have a very difficult time with individuals, places, and things they can not easily compartmentalize or label. But not everything can be so clearly defined. Especially magnificent experiences, extraordinary things, and without question…fascinating people. All of us are a collage of complex layers, unique experiences, and differentiating nuances.
Our commonalities give us strength during life’s greatest challenges, while our contrasting individuality allows us to stand out. I believe we were divinely created to bask in both. However, far too often, we opt most commonly for the path of least resistance by constantly seeking to blend in.
The French have a saying, “je ne sais quoi” that Americans have adopted. It’s literal translation means “I don’t know what” but it has come to represent an indescribable “it factor” possessed by individuals who are comfortable letting their undefinable originality shine through. In order to ever achieve greatness or measurable success, we must allow ourselves to get very comfortable with things we cannot easily describe or pigeon hole. This begins with embracing aspects of our own identity that don’t fit a mold.

I have many titles, too many to perhaps list here, but even with my ever evolving list of roles and responsibilities, I am more than all these things. We are all so much more than our present descriptions. Typically what we cannot explain are natural wonders, works in progress, or amazing works of art. You and I are a brilliant blend of all of the above.
Last week I took three of my girls to Paris to view Chanel’s 2017 Pre-fall show. We viewed the indescribably imaginitive designs of Karl Lagerfeld. Chanel is without question the quintessential “it” brand of fashion.  The vibrant collection of pieces were phenomenal to an audience of varying ages and backgrounds (take a moment to watch the video). But more then Chanel, we have each been designed/created with some sensational characteristics. So embrace your rarity and share with the world that inner “je ne sais quoi” that only you have.

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