Sunday, 4 December 2016

Love: Life’s Greatest Luxury
My husband and I share a passion for the finer things in life. We both enjoy beautiful clothes, art, food and wonderful vacations. As we’ve grown and been blessed to prosper over the years, our definition of luxury has changed as a result of exposure to new things. I remember the first time we traveled to Dubai.
Millionaires were common place, in fact billionaires are revered there, in the same way we view millionaires here in the states. Also over there, trillionaires are a rare segment of the society, similar to our nation’s growing group of billionaires. We realized, that how one defines rich is relative, to some degree, to one’s surroundings.
Interestingly enough, though, so many of the high end boutiques and retail stores over there are the same. What is considered luxury, in most opulent circles is comparable across the board, distinguishable mostly by quantity or excess. Certain brands, items, services etc, are considered a luxury regardless of one’s net worth. By definition, something luxurious is defined as: extravagant, extremely comfortable or enjoyable especially in a manner that involves great expense….reminds me of love!
Every generation has coveted riches and the accoutrements that living a lavish life bring with it, yet we often miss the opportunity to enjoy the greatest form of prosperity bestowed to each of us at birth: LOVE. I’ve lived long enough and seen enough to know, the most extraordinary discovery for any man, woman, boy, or girl is love. Yes, it’s true, the world has many glorious things to offer, but none of them compare to the splendid spoils love offers.
It is timeless and appreciates in value with every passing day, when it is an authentic find. Layered with affection, commitment, patience, understanding, forgiveness, faith, and so many other costly virtues, it’s a priceless commodity to both the giver and recipient. Residually rewarding, love overshadows lack in any of life’s significant areas time and time again.
So as we celebrate the holidays, I encourage all of you who know love’s true value, to spread it, value it when it comes your way, and most of all recognize it for what it is: life’s greatest luxury.

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