Sunday, 25 June 2017

A New Definition of Beauty
The world is changing! If you’re watching closely, somewhere underneath all of what seems to be going very wrong in the world there are some things that are going oh so right! One of them is how we define beauty.

Several months ago, Barbie released a capsule of diverse versions of the iconic dolls, as well as a squad of matching Ken dolls and good good girlfriends to match. In addition to that groundbreaking shift, in the modeling industry for more than a year now, we’ve seen a surge of ethnic models ripping runways and mesmerizing us in magazines with their phenomenal natural hair. Ashley Graham has lead the way for the advancement of curvy models and other stunning women like her to be more accepted into mainstream arenas. It’s a very exciting time for beauty.
Ironically, though, many still struggle to find their own shine and personal glow. I think it’s mainly because of two contributing factors: they are trying to fit into someone else’s interpretation instead of discovering their own, and (perhaps the biggest mistake of all) many folks are scared to take risks. Well, I’m here to tell you both are counter-productive, perhaps even detrimental. I heard TV personality Cardi B say: “I think being beautiful is looking like you take care of yourself.” Very profound statement and actually quite achievable. I would probably only add: “taking very good care of yourself.”
I think self care can be reflected in everything you do from hygiene to diet/exercise, right on through to hair, skincare, makeup, and wardrobe. It’s also totally okay to be inspired by someone else’s style and beauty but never be defined by it. Take healthy, educated risks by seeking out the help from professionals in your area when you want to take your look to the next level. But, most importantly, get in on this wave of a new definition of beauty by being true to yourself and taking time to realllllllly take great care of yourself. You are certainly worth it!

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