Monday, 12 December 2016

A Guide For When You Should Throw Out Your Makeup

Beauty is all in the details
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Beauties, like food, your makeup has a shelf life. There is a time between when you open your makeup, use it, and when it needs to be tossed. That brown eyeliner that you use a few times each year, but have had for three years? It needs to go.
Check out the list below for a general idea of when your items need to go.

CREAM BLUSH – every six months.
CONCEALERS – every six months.
EYE SHADOW – every twelve months.
HIGHLIGHTERS – every six months.
LIPSTICK/LIP GLOSS – every twelve months.
LIQUID FOUNDATIONS – every six months.
POWDERED FOUNDATION – every twelve months.
TINTED MOISTURIZERS – every six months.
With your makeup brushes, you should wash these weekly. Invest in a makeup brush cleaner and say bye to pesky acne.
Beauties, do you throw out your makeup regularly?

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