Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Milan Fashion Week: Get Your Gucci On
Milan Fashion Week is in full effect! Marjorie stepped out with her son, Jason Harvey, taking the streets of Milan in awe-inspiring looks. The first stop on this fantasy fashion voyage—the Gucci show.

In the spirit of the show, the luminous pair wore head-to-toe Gucci ensembles that remind us that when it comes to fashion, we can always dream bigger. This fantastical look featured jewel-studded bow stilettos, a pair of vibrantly green-embellished jogging pants, and a golden baroque-embellished robe fit for a queen. Marjorie topped off the look with a delicately-printed hand fan.
So, yes, we may not all be able to afford to dip into this kind of delicious drama on a daily basis, but we sure can allow these images to raise the bar on what’s possible, coloring our own imaginations as we craft a personal and exquisite sense of style in the world.
In the meantime, if you do feel like a fashion fantasy splurge, i gathered up some of these crowning pieces so that you, too, can get your Gucci on.
Gucci Elaisa Removable Crystal Bow And Leather Point Toe Pumps ($1,790)
Gucci Embroiderd Jersey Stirrup Legging ($1,800)
Gucci Gothic Print Fan ($450)
Gucci Double Wrap Ring With Tiger Heads ($530)
Gucci Embroidered Tiger Print Silk Kimono ($21,945)
*Actual Kimono worn by Marjorie is available directly from a Gucci retailer. Contact one here.

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