Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Why You Actually Need 2 Shades of Foundation Every Day

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Picking out the right foundation for yourself is tricky business.
You may think you know what color works for you, but especially if you're just guessing, you rarely get the perfect match. That's why, according to celeb makeup artist Mai Quynh, it's essential to actually test out the product before you buy it (her favorite is Maybelline New York's Fit Me! foundation).

But where on your face you test the product is equally as important. We've been taught to test the product right along our jawline, but you should actually put it just a little above, on the lower cheek, for a more accurate color match. And that's not all. Once you find the shade that is true to your skin color, you'll want to pick out a second color that's one shade darker.
freeSTYLE episode 13
"It's important to use two shades I think because no one is ever one color. You can use the darker shade during summer and you can also wear it around your hairline to add some dimension to your face," explained the expert.
Think about it: The sun hits you more on your forehead, for instance, so that area is going to be slightly darker, naturally. That's precisely why it's important to be able to customize the color depending on the area.

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