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Oscars Red Carpet Survival Kit: What to Pack to Have an Award-Winning Night

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Though there are plenty of exciting awards shows throughout the year, the Oscars are hands down Hollywood's biggest night.

To win an Academy Award is to take home one of the most esteemed accolades in the industry, but to simply be in attendance is an honor in itself. Thus, no matter if you're a nominee, a presenter or simply a face in the crowd, it's essential to prepare ahead of time and ensure everything runs smoothly before, during and after the big show.
With that being said, here's everything you should pack to have an award-winning night like the stars:
Oscars Survival Kit
1. Blotting Papers: Blotting papers are essential for getting rid of excess oil and shine on your face—two things we definitely don't want showing up in our red carpet photos. They're small and easy to keep in your purse for a quick touch-up, and Sephora's brand comes in a tiny container for easy access.
2. Minimergency Kit: We're actually obsessed with these "minimergency" kits from Sephora, which come complete with everything you could need in case of any red carpet emergency—a sewing kit, a nail file, Advil, a bandaid and much more.
3. Foot Petals: Since you'll likely be wearing heels all night, you want to make sure you stay comfortable. Stick some of these Foot Petals right in the sole of your shoe for extra comfort as your make that red carpet your catwalk!
4. Phone Charger: If you don't take photos and Snapchats, were you even there?! Make sure no one doubts your attendance by keeping your phone charged all night with this cute, portable charger.
5. Roll-On Perfume: Part of feeling your best during a big night is also smelling your best. Keep a roll-able version of your fave perfume in your purse to reapply when necessary.
6. Fashion Tape: We will have no fashion mishaps, ladies and gents! Whether you're rocking a plunging neckline or a backless (and thus, braless) ensemble, keep your outfits nice and secure by bringing some extra fashion tape.
7. Lipstick: This goes without saying...Don't forget to pack your lipstick-of-choice for any needed touch-ups throughout the night.
8. Flask: If we learned anything from Rihanna at the 2017 Grammys, it's that a flask can definitely help take a little bit of the edge off throughout the anxiety-ridden night.
9. Pocket Tissues: We all know how emotional those acceptance speeches can be. Make sure you're prepared with some tissues to blot those tears away!
10. Eyeliner To-Go: Don't fret about your eye makeup! A little eyeliner can go a long way. This travel-size pencil will surely get the job done if you need some touch-ups throughout the night.
11. Travel Hairspray: Whether you rock big, voluminous curls or a fancy up-do, ensure that your hair stays put all night by carrying a travel-sized hairspray with you.
12. Translucent Powder: There's nothing wrong with being a little extra prepared when it comes to your makeup. Brush on some translucent powder after you apply your foundation to keep it looking fresh as long as possible. Then, after using your blotting papers, touch up with it throughout the night to prevent from getting too oily.
13. Mints: Mints should be an essential in your bag no matter where you go. No one likes stinky breath, especially if you're interviewing/being interviewed on the red carpet at the Oscars!
14. Mini Hairbrush: Whether you need a little more volume or your tresses end up looking dull as the night progresses, a travel-sized brush can fit right in your purse for easy access to add some texture or smooth out your locks.
15. Bobby Pins: Finally, just to triple-check that your hair stays looking perfect all night, pack some extra bobby pins to keep in all in-tact!
Do you have any suggestions for adding to our Oscars Survival Kit?

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