Sunday, 18 June 2017

Bet On Yourself
NBA finals are over! Even if you are a die-hard fashionista, you couldn’t help but stumble (at least on social media) across the hype behind the Warriors vs. Cavs frenzy. Basketball enthusiast were flagrant with their team and basketball star loyalty. Whether it was Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, or Lebron James they favored, many were more than willing to wage bets on who they believed was the winning team.

As I watched the hysteria unfold around me, I began to wonder, are we as equally confident in ourselves? When faced with winning in the game of life, are we as passionate, convinced, and unwavering with a belief in ourselves as much as the average sport’s fan is about their team? Would you bet on yourself?
If your answer is yes, congratulations. You’ve spent time getting to know yourself, understanding, as well as perhaps proving, your talents, virtues, and self worth. If your answer is maybe, or flat-out no, I encourage you to make learning and loving yourself one of your top priorities.
I am by no means a therapist but I do know how important loving yourself is. No one on this earth is like you! No one. You have gifts, talents, and abilities inside you that you haven’t even tapped into yet! No matter the circumstances around your arrival, despite the opinion of your biggest critic, you are not a mistake. God made you perfectly imperfect and still entrusted you with divine purpose. Take time to replenish, build, and nurture your soul.
When you’re done, make the decision to live your life fully and authentically…most importantly, bet on yourself.

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