Monday, 5 June 2017

Faith Without [Intentional] Works…
Faith Without [Intentional] Works
Second only to our thoughts is the power we have to act! I often discuss the profound power of habits and routines here in the Couture Chronicles as a pretty reliable way of gauging, even shaping, outcomes. If you want to change an outcome in your finances, relationships, or physical health…change your routines. Read more about this concept of routines here. However, in this particular piece I want to address the notion from a more unique angle.

I saw a meme the other day that said “Never confuse being busy with building.” I thought to myself, “Where should I send my offering!” Far to often our lives are filled to capacity with activity, even routines. The question is: are we just busy, or as the brilliant anonymous thinker posed in the meme, are we building? I’m not sure of your specific answer but I lovingly suggest you make the assessment. If the answer is not the latter, it may be time to make some changes.
Not only is readjusting habits and routines to fit your targeted goals super important, but I definitely believe waking up every day and intentionally BEING who you were created to be is perhaps the most supernatural way we can collaborate with the Divine to make dreams a reality. Embrace the essence of the person you want to be 5…10 years from now today. If you want to be fit, financially well off, and fabulous years from now, start practicing being ALL of that today!
They say “fake it til you make it,” but I say: “Be it until you see it.” Remember, practice makes perfect and faith without [intentional] works is dead.

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