Sunday, 11 June 2017

Give It Up…Turn It Loose! Vogue! Who doesn’t love a good #flashback! The super chic and sexy nineties r&b diva group had a slew of hits that inspired women. This particular song was ever-so-popular for its catchy chorus, “Give it up. Turn it loose.” Those simple six words served as a poignant anecdote for responding to endless, unrequited love. But truthfully, I find myself thinking those very words when I realize it’s time to let something or someone go. We’ve got to learn to let life’s baggage go.

Yes, I know easier said than done, but the older I get, the more I realize holding on to what is not good for us is a Jedi mind trick that we only play on ourselves. People we hold on to move on, places and things we hold on to perish or evolve. Everything changes. As changes occur, it’s so important that we adjust by holding firmly to the truth. Every now and then, truth renders to us a very stern directive, and that is to let go!
In an earlier Couture Chronicle, I discuss living sensual lives. Sometimes this need to have someone to see, hear, taste, touch, or smell keeps us hanging on too long. In other instances, where we hang on to the intangibles like negative thoughts or feelings because of pride or resisting inner development. I encourage you, whatever your situation, do some personal inventory of the people, places, or things you’ve held on to far past destiny’s expiration date. Allow yourself permission to give them up and turn them loose. As the older generations used to say, “travel light.”
In the end, you’ll discover you will travel farther faster and enjoy more of the life you’ve always wanted.
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