Monday, 12 June 2017

Nailing Summer 2017 With Gracie J, Nail Stylist for New Hit Show Claws beauty checklist: au naturel lob, check, shimmery makeup, check. We’ve seen our favorite celebs rock the trends, and we’re in line. It’s safe to say this year is a colorful one, from beauty to fashion, bright colors are the thing. And that applies to our mani’s too.

With the premiere of the TNT nail salon dramedy Claws, starring Niecy Nash and Karrueche Tran, nails stay on our minds. While we try to achieve Claws-level nail greatness, sources spoke to Gracie J of The Editorial Nail and Key Nail Stylist for the show, which premiered on Sunday, about what it’s like working on-set and the hottest colors and nail trends to try this summer. All we can say is #nailgoals.
 How did the job doing key nails for the show come about?
Gracie J: I created a vision board for 2017, and on my list of goals, I included that I wanted to break into TV and film. Two weeks later, I got an email from production proposing to have me on board as the lead nail artist for this bomb new show…I never doubt the power of the laws of attraction!
TLLC: What is it like working on a show all about nails?
GJ: This show is groundbreaking for nail artists. It’s the first time an entire department is dedicated to producing amazing works of nail art. It’s humbling to have the opportunity to work with a stellar cast and crew of such diverse backgrounds and experiences.
TLLC: How is creating nails on set different than working for individual clients in a salon?
GJ: It’s VERY, very different. We’re producing nails on a mass scale. We have to create multiple sets for multiple characters as well as multiple backups. We’re talking approximately 300 nails per episode, each set with a unique and exciting design, shape, etc. It’s a lot of work!
TLLC: How do you come up with the nail designs? Is it your own vision and creativity or are you inspired by what you see?
GJ: The looks that I’ve created for this show are influenced by the characters’ storylines, including events and their emotional state of mind. My team and I work closely with the cast, writers, and producers in order to produce authentic nails for each woman.
TLLC: What are the hottest nail trends to try now? Any colors you think are a “must” for Summer 2017?
GJ: Texture! Right now I’m loving stones, jewelry, 3D gels, etc. We’re so used to a two-dimensional nail look. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and experiment with different materials. Nail art doesn’t have to be limited to what you’ve seen before. Three colors I am truly digging at the moment: a sparkly baby blue, yellows, and greens.
(1.) Deborah Lippmann in “Blue Orchid” ($18), (2.)  Sally Hansen in “Breeze Blue” ($3), (3.)  Essie in “Blue-La-La” ($9)
(4.) OPI in “Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet” ($10), (5.) Sally Hansen in “Mellow Yellow” ($3)
(6.) Essie in “On The Roadie” ($9)
(7.) OPI in “Jade is the New Black” ($8), (8.) Butter London x Pantone in “Greenery” ($10)
TLLC: Any must-have product that every woman should own to achieve nail greatness?
GJ: Nail guards! I’ve come to realize that a lot of women love custom press-on nails. A cool option to maintain a healthy natural nail is to apply nail guards before applying your press-ons. It makes for quick and easy removal, with minimal-to-no damage.
TLLC: Any expert nail care tips or advice you can share for maintaining fab summer nails?
GJ: Go to someone you know cares for your overall well-being. Often times, we choose our services based solely on cost. Love your body, love your being, love your nails. Pay close attention to how you’re being cared for and who is doing it. You wouldn’t sacrifice amazing hair and makeup for a subpar service, why do that to your nails?

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