Thursday, 9 February 2017

5 Life-Changing Things To Do Every Day
 Social media feeds are inundated with daily updates.  Bad news, fake news, breaking news all seem to spill out every detail of a whirlwind of an administration change over. With so much influx these days, it’s easy to get thrown off balance as the ever-changing tides begin to infiltrate our personal lives.

So how do we get up everyday, continue to face the challenges, and not get defeated? How do we build inside of ourselves the type of stamina, courage, and confidence that cannot only affect our lives but the world around us?  I gathered up 5 vital things to do every day that will nurture your personal power, so that you can keep that hope alive and continue to confidently move through the world like the gracious warrior you are.
When the cabin pressure changes on an airplane, we’re informed to first put out on our own oxygen mask, and then aid those around us. The logic being that if you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t really be of service to anyone else. Self-care can take many forms: making sure all your bills are paid, you’re living space is clean, your health is optimal, and that all the other tiny details of your life are organized and under control. If you can’t take care of your own small world first, how do you expect to positively influence the larger one around you?
Positive Attitude
The humble truth is that we can’t actually control most things outside of ourselves. Every person has their own individual will and the power to choose their own actions. However, we all carry within us the remarkable power of influence. Meaning if we align ourselves with the right attitude and a positive frame of mind, we can begin to positively shift our own experience. From this empowered place, we can then find the inspired action that influences the world around us. Find time each day to focus on what is working, what is going well, and see if  you can continue to build on that.
Feed Your Soul
With so much hard-hitting news, it’s hard to remember that we didn’t come into this life to struggle and suffer. Many of us are on a repeating loop of ceaseless  responsibilities. The day-to-day grind can be a harrowing experience. At the end of day, we turn on Netflix to “unplug” from the hard-hitting hustle called life. And then, we get up and do it again. To keep inspired, strong-minded, and  youthful, you must carve a path that carries the joy of living. Do something every day that refreshes the monotony. Even if it’s just thirty minutes of something new that  reconnects you to the spontaneity of living. A private dance workout at home?  Preparing a meal you’ve never tried?  Taking a bath with candles? Reading instead of Netfixing? Social media, although valuable, tends to dull the spirit, especially as conversations at these times are reaching hysterically heated highs.  Make time to get away from the news frenzy and  return to the true richness of your life.  Whatever it is that moves you, do it. Your passions really can act as a true North Star, helping guide your life – and our world – in the right direction.
Exercise, Exercise, Exercise!
You don’t need a fancy workout guru or an expensive elliptical machine, you just need to get your booty moving.  Even a 3o-minute walk at your own pace has the power to transform your life. Exercising regularly boosts your metabolism, increases mental health, lowers your risk of  heart disease, and makes you look leaner and feel even better. There are so many ways to stay in shape now: walking, running, biking, dancing, yoga, cycling, swimming, Zumba?  Just find one you love and do it!
Rest And Relax
In a success-driven society, rest becomes a quality we not only place last on our list, but often we shame ourselves for even doing it by labeling it as lazy. But true nurturing rest is exactly the kind of recharge our overly inundated society needs. We all just need a big regroup. When we are tired and overworked, the mind becomes reactive, eager to attack, less capable of calm thoughtful deliberate action. By prioritizing rest in our lives, we are able to return from the sanctuary of that restorative period to the hustle of the world with a refreshed, inspired, and capable response.  Many of us have over-scheduled our lives. We think that the more we do, the more we are. But the true value of our lives will not be found in how much we did, but the way in which we did those things. Find ways to simplify, even downsize your life if  you have to, but cultivate a life that allows you to move through it, with ease and grace, and some genuine rest.

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