Sunday, 19 February 2017

Brilliance Becomes You! 
The fashion world is filled with creatively innovative, imaginative people who use style as a form of distinction. Entertainment in general, seems to attract people who rarely shy away from the opportunity to take center stage and shine. But what if the language of style and glamour is a new interest for you?
Or you already have a sense of style, it’s just that your profession, or day-to-day reality isn’t conducive to grand expressions of fabulosity.  –Maybe you work from home, are a full-time mom, or you wear a uniform to work all day. Whatever the scenario, my little word of wisdom this week is…shine on anyway! Find one way to incorporate some beauty, glamour, elegance or style in your everyday life, specially if it makes you feel wonderful!
It is so important to make time for life’s treats and treasures! Find time throughout your week or month, to do something fabulous –or at the very least wear something fabulous. Even if it’s just adding one simple thing like some great earrings or shoes to your look. Implementing this small gesture in your normal routine adds an aspect of thrill and excitement to what can (over time) feel like a rigorous redundant life cycle. One way to interrupt the routine, is by splurging on something that brings out your physical beauty.  Change your hair. Get a facial. Buy a great lipstick or try healthy eyelash extensions.
At the end of the day whether we are drenched in stylish wares or not, we are the true gems that make even the most magnificent designs worth wearing. But like very precious jewelry, we have to occasionally get polished to let our real beauty shine through. No matter how busy you may be, make the investment, try something new. You may be surprised when others notice your shine, how much brilliance becomes you!
*Mrs. Harvey shines brilliantly in a Spring 2014 Runway skirt by Burberry Prorsum, nude Valentino t-shirt, and Haute Couture Valentino pumps.

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