Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Celebrity Hairstylist Chuck Amos Reveals 2017’s Hottest Hair Trends
New year, new hair?! There’s no faster way to feel an epic sense of transformation than with a refreshing new hair style, yet many of us fear that very first snip or dye. If you’ve been putting off the new ‘do in the hopes of lining up with the hottest hair trends of 2017, you’re in luck because celebrity hairstylist Chuck Amos just dropped in to give us his expert opinion on how to transform those tresses. Having worked his magic on Alicia Keys, Lion Babe, Solange, and Stacey Bendet, it’s safe to say we’re finally in good hands.

What are the top styles for 2017 for every hair length?
Chuck Amos: Short hair is the newest car to get for 2017. Think mid-’90s when Naomi Campbell cut her hair, a la Mia Farrow’s pageboy in Rosemary’s Baby. Other short style trends are the shag and the Louise Brooks ear-length bob.
For medium to long hair, bun pile-ups and long braided styles are becoming even more of a trend this year than they were last year. If you’re up for medium to longer length styles worn down and loose, those styles are based upon texture: Either beachy waves, tossed curls, or keeping your hair straight and piece-y.
TLLC: What are the top cuts for 2017 for every hair length?
Chuck Amos:There basically isn’t a trend cut for long hair. Shag cuts and obvious layers for medium length is getting popular amongst the cutting edge crowd. Bangs are slowly coming back, especially short angled cuts and pageboys. Short ear length bobs are trendy again as well.
TLLC: You have given starlets like Solange, Lion Babe, and Stacey Bendet some big sexy hairstyles. What products and tips do you recommend for a “big hair don’t care” girl?
Chuck Amos:Firmly teased roots are the key to any beautiful “big hair” style. Thickening sprays and dry shampoos are the keys to boosting the volume to many of my hair styles. I also like keeping the ends moist and hydrated to make the style shine with a pop. Boosting up the texture of the hair, within the style, really helps in swelling the size!
Editor’s pick:
Bumble and Bumble Thickening  Dryspun Finish ($31)
Klorane Dry Shampoo With Oak Milk ($20)
TLLC: Are we still all about texture? Or is sleek, just-blown-out hair back?
Chuck Amos:We are still so all about texture! Everyone is going natural, even the non-black, curly girls. The expression of yourself, and being who you are, has prompted this natural hair movement around the globe. Not to mention all the mixed chicks that are popping up everywhere, with their unique crazy curls that symbolize hair art in this new age of natural curls.
This is the same trend from the ’80’ being repeated again; the curl hair trend that prompted white girls to get curly perms done to their hair. That may happen again.
TLLC: What are the most exciting upcoming color trends for the new year?
Chuck Amos: The biggest trends in the art world, and with the cutting edge kids, is this layering of different colors, so each color lays on top of each other in a complementary way, making a hair color collage.
Also, the trend of wearing more cooler colors in your hair, like blue, aqua, and green, as opposed to the old trend of burgundy, red, or pink hair.
TLLC: What are you best bad hair day remedies?
Chuck Amos: Fun hair pieces are the best remedy to a bad hair day. Not jus a wig or hair extensions, but there are many things like ponytails, bang pieces, banana clips, clip-on pieces, even hats and accessories that incorporate hair into them can really boost any hairstyle during a bad hair moment.
Twisting hair back and down in certain areas can create styles based upon your hair shortcomings. There are many gels, creams, sprays, and serums that can help tame frizz, lay hair down, and help you achieve “looking great” during your bad hair day. Use your imagination to create a style that is perfect for your face and shape.
TLLC: What are some simple ways an everyday woman can add glamour to her hairstyle?
Chuck Amos: Adding volume to your roots and bending your ends with a curling iron (curls or waves), or straightening iron will upgrade any style from regular to glamorous. Opt for a deeper side part and let hair hang over one eye. Also, use a serum that really brings out the shine in your hair because if your hair looks healthy and beautiful, it will look glamorous. I only use Pantene’s Gold Series Hydrating Oil ($8) for texture.
 TLLC: You’ve worked with the who’s who of A-list celebs, are a fashion week hair pioneer, and have done major ad campaigns, so what do you want to accomplish next with hair?
Chuck Amos: Children’s books about children and their hair emotions. A Chuckie hair book of styles and spirituality. I’d also like to teach major hair and pop culture classes. Especially getting the glam world to get their  recognition on red carpet shows, showcasing celebrity hair and makeup/nail trends, not just the dresses. I want to create a GlamRocks as a sidebar to BlackGirlRocks, so glam professionals can become household names in this industry. And to continue to push the limits on creativity in the editorial world of hair.

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