Sunday, 12 February 2017

Later Haters
There is so much negativity swirling around in the universe. Hate has seems to have gained so much popularity. Everywhere you turn there is a platform for people to throw shade, spew intolerance, and ostracize another for their differences.

At first glance, it seems new. That is part of the shock. You think to yourself if you are an American, particularly an African American, a woman, or any other minority “…Are we still in a head on battle against inequality?” The headlines confirm that we are. If you’re an adult and you’ve been cyber bullied or stalked, you wonder to yourself “…Are these adults? Am I still in high school?”. The truth is,  good and evil live in the hearts of every human being and we decide every single day, every single moment, what we yield the power of our will to.
I loved the movie Hidden Figures. It was such a remarkable celebration of the human spirit. These magnificent, history making women remained clear and steadfast regarding their direction. Their purpose was greater then their glaring opposition. It was that clarity of focus that brought them through.
There was a moment when (the characters portrayed by) Taraji P Henson and Kevin Costner were desperately trying to resolve a problem essential to putting the first man in outer space. Together, they realized that the problem they faced was actually not discovering new math as they oruginally thought, but old math. Once they realized this truth the solution they sought came rather quickly.
Hate and opposition, despite whatever new expression it finds, is at the end of the day very old math. Fortunately for us, history gives us the solution for battling it at every turn: taking the high road, living a full life intentionally, organizing and resisting with others, and ultimately challenging the status quo. The solution is there, we just have to put a new twist on it…later haters.

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