Monday, 13 February 2017

Tracy Reese’s Fall 2017 Slick Yet Natural Hair, Styled by Bok-Hee for Cantu 
 Sources popped by Tracy Reese’s Fall 2017 presentation yesterday, and was honored to have backstage access! While there,they caught up with Bok Hee, lead hairstylist for the showing, who coiffed the models in chic looks, styled with Cantu products.
She said, “ Tracy had two ideas, but we combined it into one. She loved the idea of having the top part being a middle part with a really tight, really clean, really shiny and healthy look, then below the ears, she wanted more of a natural texture. Something that was a natural texture for the girls. That was a nice way to look uniform, but individual with their own textures.”
To achieve the look, she used three Cantu products, namely their Dry Cold Wash, Heat Protector, and Edge Control Gel. She says, “One of my favorite hairsprays is called Dry Cold Wash. It makes the hair dry, fluffy, and textured without being sticky, wet or hard. It’s an interesting texture. Everyone is coming out with that dry texture spray. Dry Cold Wash gives you a little bit of a separation and separates the hair without it being wet or sticky.”
She also used the thermal shield heat protector on the scalp. She says, “Our team flat ironed the hair to the ears. This products makes hair look shiny and healthy.”
And we know everyone loves edge control! Hee offers, “We use edge gel to make the hairline gorgeously tight and clean, so that the eyebrows come out, the cheekbones comes out, and so that the face is just glowing. When you make the hairline really tight, it makes the woman more beautiful. That’s what frames your fave and brings out that beauty.” Agreed!
If you’d like to achieve a similar look, indulge in Cantu Products here.
What did you think of the hairstyles at Tracy Reese’s Fall 2017 show?

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