Monday, 31 July 2017

Become a Modern Day Icon
We live in a time where, due to social media and reality television, people have a tremendous opportunity to impact countless lives at the mere click of a button. A simple tweet or Youtube video from the most obscure person can go viral and catapult the creator to celebrity status, overnight.

But long before the conveniences of technology made creating the perception of being a public legend easy, there were unique individuals who bravely embraced making a significant mark on society the good ole fashion way: with passion, compassion, creative innovation, and commitment.
The result of these elements – relentlessly applied to such noble endeavors as community activism, artistry, philanthropy, and industrialization – has served as the foundation for the best of American culture. It has produced such notables as Maya Angelou, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Robert Kennedy, Alvin Ailey, Oprah Winfrey, Eunice Johnson and so many others. These are just a few of the famous cultural architects who have constructed lasting legacies on a global scale. However, there are numerous local heroes/heroines who have greatly impacted the world we live in simply by contributing directly into their communities.
Here at TLLC, we often focus on style, but we never value it above substance. The two make for an unstoppable combination. In a time where one can easily be mistaken for the other, we are all challenged to dig deeper. It is our generation’s charge to make good use of the benefits of modern day technology and engage in more than mere vanity. In keeping with the spirit of determination, integrity, and fortitude of our predecessors, we look to pursue virtue as well. Whether on social media or behind closed doors, we must engage in something that somehow significantly benefits others in a meaningful way. I believe that these attributes enable one to transcend the current social trends and lay the foundation for a more lasting heritage by endeavoring to become a modern icon.

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