Sunday, 23 July 2017

Life’s 5 Seasons
One of my favorite hotels around the world is the Four Seasons. They have a beautiful logo that reflects the conventional winter, spring, summer, and fall seasons in a simple, symbolic manner. I remember relaxing in my room on one occasion, reflecting on just how far both my husband I have come. It had been quite a long time in the making but it seemed that finally, the winds of joy, peace, and prosperity were blowing in our direction.

We had weathered the storms of failed marriages, single parenting, and career woes. We had even endured the tumultuous waters of coming together, despite controversy, fighting for our love, and blending a very large family. None of it was easy. There were times when we certainly felt the cold, bitter winds of heartache, the sweltering heat of public scrutiny, the release of dead patterns from the past. We sprang forward pursuing the future we believed was destined to be ours, despite the many obstacles and challenges that arose often to thwart our faith. As I sat staring at the simple logo image, I thought to myself how elementary yet profound the depiction of life’s various seasons are. Regardless of how good, bad, or even ugly life can get, we haven’t truly lived until we have experienced a divine guided tour through each of these proverbial seasons.
It hit me in that tender moment that both my husband and I had been given the glorious gift of living in its truest sense. It also resonated deep within that we have both received the gift of each other’s love, support, and insight to aid us on this journey. My heart filled with joy and gratitude as I realized that all the things we had endured truly “worked out for our good,” as my grandmother used to say.
It was in that moment that a still small voice whispered to me, “You know Marjorie, there is a fifth season….” I pondered for a moment, and then I was reminded of my years growing up in church and that sacred scripture that speaks of another season: Due Season. It is the season in which we are generously and graciously rewarded for keeping the faith, remaining strong in character, and committed to our core values, despite overwhelming pressure. It is not a reward for perfection – I am sure that both Steve and I would be exempt from that – but it is a divine return on the investment we make when we choose to pursue purpose, love, and kindness toward others. Tears rolled down my face as I heard the still small voice say once more, “It is now your Due Season.
Those who follow my husband and I know that our faith is the nucleus of our love and our story. Again, we are in no way without flaw, but I think that what has brought us so many blessings in our lives is the fact that we have, through it all, been teachable, willing to do whatever work is required, and continuously hopeful that the best is yet to come. So, when you see us on TV and social media enjoying each other and our lives, it is my desire that our journey serve as inspiration to you. May you find the courage to endure whatever season you find yourself in, trusting that, in time, you too will find yourself in the greatest season of all: Due Season!

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